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Biomass pellet machine

Biomass pellet machine

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Product Details
  • Size:  1
  • Place of Origin:  china
  • Brand Name:  Jinan Taichang Transmission Machinery Co.,Ltd
  • Model Number:  60004
  • Weight: 4000.000 kg

TaiChang this series is the latest company research and development of new type vertical ring die pellet machine, the series on the structure of the original 90 kw particles machine was improved, solve the energy problem in the process of granulating

Biomass granule machine, also called sawdust particles, sawdust pellet machine, around the way different, but is refers to a kind of machine. Sawdust particles machine do not need to say more, the effect of is to wood chips, sawdust, such as raw materials, crushed into fine at the end of the raw material, pressed into tiny rods (chalk), is called grain machine, but it is definitely not our usual globular particles.


The range of the material

Wood chips, sawdust, wood shavings, wood under Angle materials, furniture factory under the Angle expected, rice husk, shell of sunflower seed, peanut shells each melon shell, such as branches, trunk, bark and other wood scraps; All kinds of crops straw; Rubber, cement, ash and other chemical raw materials.


Application field


Used in biomass fuels plant, power plant, wood processing factory, toy factory, chemical plants, etc., is a small investment, quick effect, the ideal compression molding equipment without risk.


TCZL set ring advantage

Do sawdust particles we first recommend using sawdust particles on the state machine, this machine is we specifically for sawdust such crude fiber raw materials research and development of a granulating equipment, mainly has the following advantages:

, die set to 1, vertical feed, not springing, easy to heat dissipation

2, pressure wheel rotation, material centrifugal, uniform distribution, the effect is good

3, automatic lubrication, large axial compression wheel, ensure life, high and stable yield

4, cloth bag dust removal, long operation, efficient production, energy conservation and environmental protection

5, double mold, up and down dual-use, more choices, more harvest




  • Size:  1
  • Place of Origin:  china
  • Brand Name:  Jinan Taichang Transmission Machinery Co.,Ltd
  • Model Number:  60004
  • Weight: 4000.000 kg
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